Labor Day 2015: Stand Together and Fight Back

Since the 1970’s capital has taken the upper hand against labor, which in my opinion is nonsense, labor even with technology is still indispensible, why, because labor is people, money and technology are only tools to facillitate tasks. Until we as a society fundamentally understand that economic systems, monetary systems and technology are all manmade constructs put in place to guide our society into a somewhat cohesive structure, we will never be able to change our society as we know it now, for the better in the future. I think that Bernie Sanders understand what I mean, which is why he is calling for a political revolution to compliment his presidential campaign, he understands that simply electing him as our President isn’t enough, we need a systemic upheaval of sorts that throws our deregulated, laissez-faire capitalist system out the window in order to adopt a progressive, regulated, horizontal or lateral approach to a a new economic way of life, one that allows for more possibilities and opportunities, one that respects rather than denigrates and one that recognizes that money, also a manmade construct, shouldn’t be what controls our destiny. I am going to join his revolution, I hope that others will as well.
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