GOP Taking Anti-Climate Push Abroad

The sheer paucity of ideas and moral fiber in the Republican Party is mind numbing; when I read articles such as this one, I feel sick to my stomach with anxiety and dread, just thinking of the legacy we are leaving our children and their children, it is so irresponsible, it borders on criminal. Whenever the Republican Party laments the trillion dollar debt we are theoretically leaving to future generations; I call hogwash because of two reasons, first of all they spent much of it with their crazy wars and simultaneous tax cuts, so they don’t really care about deficits, and second money and debt are manmade constructs, we made the rules, we can change them. Climate change, the laws of physics, any law of nature really, are basically not really in the realm of our control and the Republican Party, by responding in this hateful, narcissistic and arrogant manner, shows the depth of immature thinking when they falsely think they can stay in control of our planet while doing nothing, in order to rape and pillage the Earth’s natural resources, regardless of the consequences, as long as the money keeps coming in by the fistful. I find it horrifying to see McConnell pushing his Republican colleagues and their staff to sabotage future talks and treaties involving climate change, environmental issues and pollution problems both here and abroad. The Republican Party is part of the tiniest sliver of dissenting opinion over climate change and it makes no sense to let a tiny minority run the conversation. Our planet deserves better, people deserve better and every single species on our Earth deserves infinitely better.
read the article:


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