Paid Sick Leave Is Fast Becoming A Right — Not A Privilege

We are inching one step closer to being civilized, slowly, one tiny step at a time. We need the idea to get into our minds collectively, that we workers are just as important as management when it comes to any business relationship, without workers, nothing gets done. I understand that unions have a pretty bad reputation, but if we sat back and examined the historical record as it relates to labor and working conditions; we have so much to thank the unions for, the list is so very long. I’m sure that if unions were still prevalent today, they would have strongarmed paid sick leave as well. I remember the stress my mother used to go through when I or my little sister were ill, forget about missing days from school, that wasn’t the stressor, it was how to not lose her job over sick children. There should be dignity and respect in work environments, when one cannot attend to sick family members or take care of oneself, how is that providing workers with an environment designed to put them at their best and strongest? Why have we accepted this high speed race to the bottom? Why aren’t we fighting back harder? Why do we buy into the bogus excuses and justifications big business puts out all wrapped neat and tidy with a bow with the help of corporate media? We have forgotten much of our history and the long, bloody fights workers engaged in with police, scabs and national guards just to be able to have safer working conditions, increased wages, weekends, and all of the other rights we now take for granted. Unfortunately we cannot take our “rights” for granted anymore, our unions are on life support, and the collective strength they once had is a relic of the past, workers are now forced to fight alone and alone means losing, whereas together means winning and we need to tap into our collectivity. There is strength in numbers.
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