The Iran Deal Is About To Cause A Massive Headache For GOP Leaders

Opposition to this decision to pursue international nuclear policy through peaceful means has so far been lacking in substance; the naysayers have repeatedly said this deal isn’t the best deal, they could get much better, however when pressed, there is nothing concrete given so what are we supposed to do, throw away an international accord that will very well insure that Iran will not develop a nuclear weapon? Colin Powell provided the most logical, reasoned explanation as to why this deal is the best outcome for not only the United States but for the world in general, in terms of the things Iran let go of, the materials they destroyed voluntarily, the mechanisms in place to keep them in line and the rigorous inspections by the IAEA. The opposition has nothing of value to counter with, I don’t want us to go back to war against another country in the Middle East. I know we are at war with terrorist organizations right now, but does the opposition really want to engage with another country as well? We should be embracing this historic opportunity to do something different, because by choosing a path to peace, we might actually get an outcome which produces peace, wouldn’t that be a change of pace for once, something to actually look forward to and count on, as opposed to always cynically expecting war and destruction.
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