Taxpayers Have Spent A ‘Staggering’ Amount Of Money On NFL Stadiums

First, the NFL should not be considered a non-profit organization, the team owners make money hand over fist, the players make handsome salaries, there is enough money for the teams to be able to fund their own stadiums. Second, since when is it okay for the taxpayer to assume all of the risk and all of the responsibility normally required for business to prosper? Before the late 1970’s, business owners and directors rightfully did their executive and financial duty of growing their own facilities without forcing taxpayers to directly fund said facility. Taxpayers as a whole bear an enormous burden of funding this nation, especially since the 1980’s with more and more big corporations being derelict in their fiduciary duties as American enterprises. The idea that companies should be patriotic has gone by the wayside, they cannot say otherwise because if they did, they would be choking on the bizarrely complicated explanation of tax dodging schemes they spend tons of money instituting through their tax firm’s legal eagles. How and why did we come to accept this sad state of affairs? I can’t help but think of Scott Walker right now, he proudly chose funding a world class stadium over a world class State University. I feel very sorry for college age students in Wisconsin, football only gets you so far as a spectator, an affordable college education will do so much more for you in the long run, but don’t bother trying to convince Scott Walker of this, he is staking his presidential campaign on this very strategy. Unfortunately for the rest of us, Scott Walker isn’t an outlier with regards to subsidizing big business or defunding public education, his party has double downed on siphoning off taxpayer dollars from programs originally designed to lift people up, into corporate coffers, under the guise of job creation, which never materializes and by then it is too late to reverse. I am so ready for the Bernie Sanders revolution.
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