Iran Deal Opponents Refuse To Admit Defeat

would think that particularly on this day or any day close to this anniversary, we would endeavor even more to pursue and enshrine a path to peace by any means necessary, especially if it would involve other nations as well. I believe that the Republican Party has not understood this point, other nations are a part of this deal, that means something since we do like to act as the leader of the world. Our inability to work amicably and reasonably with each other within our government sets a poor example of leadership. I am not making a false equivalency between the two parties. I would be remiss if I equivocated Republican obstructionism and sabotage with Democratic compromise and penchant for diplomacy and negotiation. We need to cement the Iranian deal and then move onto to other areas of conflict that need resolution, our world is a tinderbox and we don’t need any more matches lit, we need to work together to extinguish the flames of war and climate tragedy. Our world will be witness to greater and greater numbers of refugees, we need to work together to build bridges of peace and harness as many alternative energy sources to cool our planet down or else we will be paying a huge price for years to come and we are already seeing that the price tag isn’t for the faint of heart.

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