The Shutdown Congress, And Why The GOP Can’t Help Itself

I believe that the Republican way of governance is detrimental to the exchange of thoughts and ideas, instead it celebrates this mentality of my way or the highway which doesn’t conform to the basic principle of democratic governance. Our system was built on the concept of checks and balances, governing by committee, short-term legislative power for immediate resolutions while long-term power was meant for serious considerations to the future of our nation and a chance to become expert in the manner of governance. Newt Gingrich with his silly “Contract with America” took a power saw to all intergovernmental budgets and made our government as ineffectual as possible, forcing it to go to outside agencies for research and legislative bill writing, unfortunately for us it was an exceedingly effective way to render our government weak against private interests and their powerful lobbyists. Newt Gingrich was one destructive republican and unfortunately the others who have followed him paid close attention. Fast forward to today and our tea party Republican branch has taken Newt Gingrich’s playbook and dialed it up a notch with actively seeking out opportunities to not only sabotage our government, but to shut it down again. I understand that back in the era of monarchy, dictatorships and other forms of imposed civilian control. the people referred to government as the “other” but in a republic or a democracy, the government is for the people, of the people and by the people, there is no “other”, our government is us and why the Republican Party still references it as the “other” is beyond me. Moreover I still don’t understand why, if they hate the government as much as they say they do, why do they insist on being a part of said government. They can revolt as outsiders, instead of doing it from the inside and just making us all miserable in the process because they are really lousy at it. 

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