Elizabeth Warren Points Out How Unfair This Hiring Practice Can Be

Thank goodness for Senator Elizabeth Warren and others like her, instead of focusing on the stale and useless fights over repealing the Affordable Care Act, defunding Planned Parenthood, killing the Export/Import Bank and obstructing practically everything proposed by President Obama, she takes the time to think about the people and their challenges to try to recover from the gargantuan mess that the financial industry threw us in because of their reckless greed and gambling ways. It has been so very difficult these past seven years to get employment that just the slightest mark against your record could sink your chance before you even got hired. When is the Republican Party going to really understand that it has been an employer’s market out there for close to two decades; the jobs promised to us by George W. Bush never materialized, the Great Recession came and blew whatever jobs were left out of the water and Wall Street, big corporations and big banks have all done amazingly well, but instead of investing in their facilities, they are buying back their own stocks and they are lobbying congress to keep things as they are, horrible for the average person. At least we Senator Elizabeth Warren on our side, she doesn’t flinch, she won’t back down and she isn’t shy about shaming these economic predators out in the open. 
read the article:



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