Pope Francis Endorses Iran Nuclear Deal

I admire Pope Francis, he reminds me of the Franciscan brothers who taught me in high school, they believed in goodness, helping others, aiding the less fortunate and taking care of our environment and wildlife. I realize that the Republican Party has been closely aligned with Christians for decades, but when I hear Pope Francis speak, I hear Bernie Sanders as well. I forget his name but there is a humorist who wrote about Bernie Sanders “they say that we can’t get millions to vote for a Jewish Socialist, yet millions worship one on December 25th each and every year” or something to that effect. If you listen to Bernie Sanders, who had a good experience at his presentation at Liberty University, he speaks to the heart of our issues, the redistribution of our labor’s wealth upwards to the 1% and all of the negative consequences it has wrecked on our nation, he also speaks to the issue of equality, institutional and structural racism, healthcare as a right, the industrial prison complex and our everpresent military industrial complex, all of these issues have been taken up by Pope Francis as well. So it should be no surprise that they are on the same page when it comes to the Iran treaty, a treaty we should remember was not negotiated in a vacuum, other nations were involved, nations much closer to the region than we are and I trust those nations, they have as much or even more at stake with Iran’s access to a nuclear weapon. Moreover there have been multiple republicans of the old guard, learned men who have explicitly said that this deal is the path to follow, it will get us to a better situation within a war ragged region, something we should be embracing, instead of trying to drum up military action against Iran for no good reason.
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