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As I watch these candidates speak about our nation, their perceptions, their fears both within and without our country and I feel as if I am not inhabiting the same nation as they and it feels very bizarre. What am I missing? I don’t feel the same mindnumbing fear about the world that all of these republican candidates do and so I don’t share their paranoid and fearful worldview. I hear a lot about how weak our President is, how cowardly he is and I don’t believe that President Obama is weak or fearful, I see him as a negotiator and a diplomat, one who would rather play the long game over going after a short term military conflict, which may or may not serve us at all except it will take American lives most definitely, not something I am not in favor of, not at all. I can’t help but think that none of these candidates have read much about our foreign policy from way back as early as the 1900’s. We had a lot of ambition for territory, power and international standing and we made choices overseas that planted seeds that have grown to shape the world as it is today, this is such an important concept, our actions in the past have altered the course of other nations and for some nations, they interpreted our actions as colonial or imperialist, we should adapt our diplomatic or military response accordingly. Former President Wilson put the ideal of self-determination into the global vernacular and it has developed into something that people everywhere embraced, nations everywhere and their people want their own nation, without other nation’s butting in, how can anyone be surprised that the Middle East is in such turmoil? We singlehandedly broke Iraq, the fallout from this one foreign policy decision has made ISIS possible, yet no one on the stage is even addressing it. They are stubbornly ignoring that most recent piece of our history, so listening to the entire panel out yell each other over who is going to bomb Iran the fastest and tweak Putin’s nose the hardest is more than a little frightening. We need Bernie Sanders, he won’t throw us into war.
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  1. Dear Progressive’s Thought,

    We,, clearly understand your commentary and agree with most of what you share. Just to go on the record; Our vision is “To End The Corruption In Washington DC”. As you speak of we/ America/ the USA did this or did that, we the average people of the USA did none of the the above. It has been and always will, unless we ( are elected to The White House and vote out every incumbent, the wealthiest 85 of the world that control the USA and what the USA is involved in or not involved in. B. Sanders will never end the corruption for he has never shared one solution to the corruption. Our 12 Presidential Agendas outline the corruption and the means to end it. We would encourage having any conversation with you and with all.


    Christopher W. Spada

    1. Thanks for your comment and I will go to your website, I agree with you that corruption and wealth are at the root of most of our problems. Thanks again for your comment.

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