This Bill Would Stop Congress From Getting Paid If Government Shuts Down

Bravo Rep. Nolan, I hope you get more traction this time around with your bill. It should be a given that congress not get paid if they deliberately shut the government down in order to get their own way. I’m not sure if not getting paid would influence the tea party republicans, but somehow they need to see that there are consequences to irresponsible and reckless governance, if one can call what the Republican Party is doing actual governance. There is absolutely no reason on this green earth for our government to shut down, not a one. Planned Parenthood does so much good for women, men and teens throughout this country and to make it a possibility that this important health resource disappear from so many communities is a cold stab of blind, religious, well-to-do privilege to the heart of these poorer communities. I don’t see how we can expect to emerge from the still gaping economic wounds from the Great Recession since we allowed a tiny segment of our overall population to determine our congress. We need to get out of our homes and places of business this next election and every future election and vote. We need to own the fact that this congress was voted in by a paltry 33% of the voting population, or in other words 67% of our voters rolled over and played dead. They just let the tiny minority take power into their own hands and vote who they wanted into office. So voila a House of Representatives dominated by the tea party and the Senate in republican hands. We have to get out as a nation, together in solidarity, and vote in the primaries and then in the general election and all of the other senate races and house races, be they at the state level or at the federal level, One voice equals one vote, in this day of Citizen’s United, it is even more important now than it ever was before.
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