The Justice Department Pledge To Prosecute White-Collar Criminals Is About To Face A Major Test

I will be very interested to see how differently they will approach the leadership at Volkswagon as opposed to how they dealt with GMC. Our Department of Justice, when it comes to white collar crime, has been asleep at the wheel for a very, very long time. I’m sure that Teddy Roosevelt must be spinning in his grave to see how many fraudsters are living high off the hog at the taxpayers expense. We have laws on the books which seem to be ignored, such as anti-trust laws, how else to explain “too big to fail” the big banks have effectively become colluders and there is no more competition in the banking industry. The Telecom industry is another, we are at their mercy, they have not only lobbyists, but also that good for nothing revolving door between industry and capital hill, they set the prices between them and laugh at us in the process. There is the pharmaceutical industry who does the same thing, we the consumers have no power and the Department of Justice does nothing to crack down on the incessant buying and merging of small companies into bigger ones or big ones swallowing up small ones. I hope to the heavens that our attorney general will do what is right by the people and not let Volkswagon hide behind anything, the executives need to be held accountable for putting profits ahead of people. Our Department of Justice needs to send a message to the executive suites, the people and to the world in general; if you are going to do business in the United States of America, you had better follow the spirit and the letter of the law, if not, the consequences will be very serious and swift.

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