Democrats Heckle Party Chair With Calls For More Debates

I don’t know why Debbie Wasserman Schultz is being so close-minded about increasing the number of debates, she should be welcoming the idea of expanding the democratic process, not restraining it. I have read so many negative articles about the Democrat’s debate troubles and it all points back to the chair woman. She has been accused of hampering the debate process in order to favor Hillary Clinton, she wants to further her own ambitions by having Hillary Clinton win the nomination, I’m not sure if these are true, but the fact that I am unsure, is really bad for Debbie Wasserman Schultz. I want there to be many more debates, between the democratic presidential field and I would really love to have Bernie Sander’s wish be granted; a debate between the entire field, all of them over a course of several days to accomodate the sheer size of the candidate field. It would be such great t.v. I want to see Trump go head to head against Hillary, Bernie and Martin, I want Bush to do the same as well and why not have Christie and Walker in there as well. Let’s hear the conservative ideology defend itself and its record against progressive and centrist arguments. We deserve a real debate between all of the candidates in order to see what they are really made of and how much their ideas make sense when confronted by an opposing idea. That would be not only educational but immensely entertaining as well.
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