Tech Giants, Democrats Go To Bat For Net Neutrality Rules In Court

Net neutrality has been decided, an open highway feasible and equitable for all is an optimum environment for innovation and breakthroughs in tech, why would the “business party” want to stand in the way? If the big Telecom companies don’t back off, I may launch a petition demanding that the Department of Justice launch investigations using the Sherman Anti-Trust Act as a guide to make sure monopoloies and duopolies aren’t interfering in the market process. When I compare my choices here in the States, specifically in MA, to the choices my family has overseas in France, it makes me ill. I pay about 200. a month for phone, DSL and t.v whereas my cousins pay about 40.00 a month for unlimited phone, DSL and t.v, who is the rube in this scenario? When our government allowed for the deregulation of the communications industry ten years ago, consumers as a whole were the losers, whereas big Telecoms were the huge winners of that deal, Trump would be so proud. We consumers, have such a dearth of competition in the internet market, unlike in other parts of the world, we like to think that our way is far superior to every other system but I assure you it isn’t. We are being taken to the cleaners by the Telecom industry and the executives are whistling Dixie all the way to the bank. So I am beyond infuriated that once again the Republican Party and big Telecom are refusing to let the FCC ruling alone, by teaming up together to impose their will on the FCC; they want to put a premium on access to the internet which will interfere with the masses getting easy access. It’s almost as if they are complicit in keeping the masses as ill informed as possible. Moreover, keeping the Internet as a private commodity as opposed to a public utility, they are interfering in small start-ups perhaps growing into potential competition. This reeks of sabotage and the private hijacking of public domain. I am in the process of signing petitions in favor of Net Neutrality and sharing them on twitter, I hope it makes a difference.

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