The Warnings About The Supreme Court’s Dangerous Campaign Finance Ruling Are Now Coming True

The conservative side of the Supreme Court single-handedly offered up our democracy to the 1% and they are now running with it, carving up our econoomy as they deem fit. This ruling and others like it ram the cold hard truth of the critical importance of voter participation straight home and we can no longer shrug off our responsibility to this democracy of ours. Money has no business in political campaigns, we should take example from other nations and adopt public finance to fund all of our political campaigns. We should keep it cheap and short. Moreover we should forever abolish the golden revolving door between Capital Hill, K Street and Wall Street, there is too much room for corruption and conflict of interest for these positions to ever be legitimate. There is no practical or philosophical reason why a U.S presidential campaign should be worth a billion dollars. I am supporting Bernie Sanders campaign with a monthly contribution of 20.00 and his campaign has respectfully stopped hounding me as soon as I made my contribution unlike so many others. I trust Bernie Sanders because he has made it a point of character, there is not one other candidate who is making this an issue, the rest of them are very comfortable making themselves beholden to the 1%, aside from Trump and during the GOP debates, he made very good points exposing the rest of the field’s reliance on finding their billionaire sugar daddy. As voters we need to exercise our right to vote, we need more than only 33% voter participation, not only does this mean that a tiny portion of our citizenry makes the determination of who writes our laws, who nominates judges, who confirms those judges and eventually how our democracy is run, but also what kind of message is sent to Washington D.C. Our lawmakers will only respond to those who engage in the system, we have been recalcitrant for too long, it is high time we accept our role in this participatory democracy and take it more seriously, we are lucky in that regard, our voice still has power, but only if we use it.
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