McConnell Sets Up Shutdown Fight

Is McConnell simply playing to the small Republican base, as are the field of Republican presidential candidates with their horrible homophobic and racist rhetoric, by going through this useless exercise? Planned Parenthood is a vital healthcare resource for both men and women of low income, abortions makes up only 3% of their overall services, the rest is dedicated to cancer screenings, STI’s, birth control and other gynocological and male health related services and of the abortion services, none of those are funded by the government because of the Hyde amendment, so basically the government would be shutting down many health care services over a fraudulent video, too many people rely on Planned Parenthood for this to even remotely make sense. My question of course was answered by McConnell himself if you read the article above “Asked why he was now bringing forward the spending bill with a controversial rider attached — a tactic he’d previously called an “exercise in futility” — McConnell said he wants to see what happens on Thursday and that he will go from there.” But does he really need a vote, he knows what Ted Cruz and his fellow tea party Republicans think, they haven’t been silent on the subject. 
I find it tremendously aggravating and so sad that as women, we have to fight and fight for our right to privacy, if we are low-income, we have to fight even harder to retain service providers and we are still fighting for equal pay in spite of the fact that former President Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act of 1963. That sorely needs to be revisited, but who stands in the way? The Republican Party and to make it even sadder, their only female candidate supports their opposition towards codifying it even more specifically to finally get the scales into proper balance. How in the world do women accept a Republican world view is beyond me. Robert Reich made an excellent point about government “It is not the size of government that matters, it is who government works for that matters” As of today our government works for corporate America and the wealthy, we have to break the ties that bind those interest groups and our governmental bodies before we can get momentum into changing prevailing attitudes in congress such as women and their bodies are off limits, though that would be a good place to start.

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