Will President Obama Stand up to the Drug Thugs?

President Obama, perhaps after spending some quality time with the Pope, may be forcibly reminded that laissez-faire capitalism, at its best, can’t provide the moral grounding that a society requires for its most vulnerable even to the most powerful. I know that Senator Bernie Sanders will do his utmost to get legislation off the ground to require pharmaceutical companies to negotiate with Medicare part D, but this particular set of problems calls for more than what Bernie Sanders can do on his own as a lawmaker, it requires a concerted effort by the President and his council to perhaps shift the parameters regarding what policies and focus the WTO should be working towards. There is still an ocean of inequality between the Western world and the developing nations, are we so cold and so blind to their realities that we would look the other way just to satisfy the greed of these pharmaceutical overlords? Our government has done so much of its own research and development which has formed the basis for many gains in the private sector; think what NASA has contributed to our society after space exploration and remember that DARPA invented the Internet, which the big Telecoms ran away with and made it their own. We have so many teaching hospitals and universities more than well equipped to do scientific and medical research for the public good. Why should we allow ourselves to be led around by the nose by big pharma, its almost as if they purposefully manipulate supply lines and alter appetites by the incessant commercials, sublimely creating near hypochondriacs of us all. I hope very strongly that President Obama will find the intestinal fortitude to walk back from his previous mistake of not checking big pharma’s power during the Affordable Care Act and do something to rein back their greed and power right now.

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