John Boehner To Resign From Congress At End Of October

Out of all of the congress people to announce retirement, Boehner was not on my list of who must be gone. He was the gatekeeper or better yet the warden of the party of irresponsible lawmakers, he kept them in check and now the warden has left the building, it doesn’t bode well for us in the near future. We have major legislation up and coming; we have the highway bill, the debt ceiling, the looming shutdown over Planned Parenthood and etc, etc. I can’t blame Boehner over his decision, it seemed as if it was only every other crisis that the tea party group was calling for Boehner’s head and it must have been frustrating and demoralizing, the crazies were outnumbering the saner ones. Unfortunately for the rest of the country, these irresponsible tea party republican lawmakers came into power because not enough people made the point to vote in both primary and general elections. We need to do better. Governance is all about negotiation, conversation and compromise. Moreover it is about keeping your moral compass near and dear; for that to really resonate, we must at all cost eliminate money from our political system, it is deforming our democracy from all sides. There has to be a way to get this through to the people, congress and our next President. One of the presidential candidates is running on this single issue, Lawrence Lessing, he isn’t an intellectual slouch, he knows what he is talking about, we need to make it a point to fight for, it’s in our personal and best interest.
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