A Changed Climate In Washington

I am beyond embarrassed by our Republican Party; in the 21st century they are campaigning and legislating as if we were still in the early 20th century, not during Teddy Roosevelt’s presidency mind you, but rather Herbert Hoover’s, who believed that government should not intervene but rather private industry should be the engine that provides momentum in all things. Thank goodness F.D.R was elected; his approach was a 180 turnaround and not a minute too soon. Back to the present day; our Republican Party isn’t content with just sabotaging our domestic programs, now they are coordinating ways to export their saboteur tactics to thwart the Paris conference. How many different ways do climate scientists, NASA, the United Nations atmospheric scientists and the Pope have to explain it to them before they understand the dire need for action on behalf of everyone? If I hear just one more time, how we are bankrupting our children and our grandchildren’s economic future with debt, I will be sick with the hypocrisy, because we are talking about our physical environment, our planet, the one and only Earth and this real threat is the one they ignore and will not even come to the table to meet anyone halfway. My argument is, even if they don’t believe in science, can’t they allow for the fact that it is a known fact that pollution is deadly? They will go on and on about costs, how about healthcare costs over pollution? Isn’t that enough to push them to support green energy? I cannot comprehend how irresponsible our Republican Party is behaving and it makes me feel so powerless, I do what I can myself, but as Abraham Lincoln said so eloquently “The government should do only those things which private citizens cannot do for themselves, or which they cannot do so well for themselves.” We need to come together as American citizens and even as Global citizens to work together to save our planet, it’s the only one we have, how can a political ideology be so blind?
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