Pope Francis Tells Inmates That Society Can’t Ignore Their Pain

The Pope has, in just a short visit, targeted every single issue that plagues our society while even shaming our Speaker of the House so much he resigned over it. He won’t admit it, but I bet that the Pope’s address to congress had a lot to do with his decision. The Pope was speaking to the need to come together in peace and negotiation in order to deal with these issues, not deal in obstruction and sabotage. I believe that Boehner realized he had been unsuccessfully presiding over the most divisive Republican Party in history and he couldn’t take it anymore. I can’t say that I blame him. Mass incarceration, income inequality, climate change and the huge number of homeless on our streets were huge parts of every address the Pope made at each venue and he hit the big ones. Bernie Sanders as a candidate has renewed my optimism and hope in our political arena. He has always been a stalwart on the progressive side, yet I never imagined that he would volunteer for the trickiest job in Washington, President of the United States. Now that he has courageously decided to run for President I am excited about having someone in the Oval Office who really believes in working towards undoing the privatization of the prison industry, getting rid of Citizens United, enforcing the financial regulations, saying no to the Keystone Pipeline, lifting everyone out of poverty and actively engaging in policies that will effectively diminish income inequality. Bernie Sanders has a solid twelve point program on his website that explains in great detail his strategies for effecting change. We must however join him in the fight for our ideals, we cannot be nonchalant about voting, we must vote at every level of political office, we must know our representatives and we must speak up and often.
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