Obama: Washington Is Ready To Work With Iran, Russia To End Syria War

We need to stop being so simplistic about the Middle East; it isn’t only about ISIL/ISIS, we have to look beyond and get to the root of the matter. We need to look at our actions, specifically Iraq and even before, we need to address poverty, climate change and its impact on farmers and agriculture, we need to examine our political influence in propping up dictatorships just to insure our own self-interest. Lastly we need to admit that this region has been at the mercy of a proxy war within the Cold War context for so long that old habits have yet to die off. Until we deal with all of this in a serious and critical way and we are then prepared to move forward constructively, we will never be rid of ISIL/ISIS. Our military responses will add fuel to the firestorm and breed more and more converts to a radical cause. It takes tremendous courage and intestinal fortitude to ackowledge past mistakes, to move on from the knee jerk response “U.S.A #1, we are exceptional, we are leader of the “free” world etc, etc” It annoys the rest of the world because we don’t put much behind those pronoucements or at the very least we could be doing so much more in a proactive manner rather than cheerfully deploying drones wherever we think it serves our strategic interest. Finally, we have to stop crying the world is on fire, name me a period in history where the world hasn’t been on fire. This is nothing new, obviously we haven’t yet learned how not to be at war. If we ever get to a period of peace, it might actually be an accident, but that is when the real work will start, how to maintain it. Would we be capable? I hope we would be, if we ever get to that place. In the meantime, we need to take care of these poor refugees and decide fundamentally what we really want in that region.
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