House Democrats Joining GOP Attack On Elizabeth Warren’s Agency

We already have a 5 member commission led board that serves labor, The National Labor Relations Board, and depending upon the President, it can be very supportive of labor or it can be an obstacle to labor’s pursuit of betterment. Why would we want to force a consumer financial protection agency, that has done very good work for the average financial consumer, into being headed by another 5 member commission which would degenerate into partisan politics just like the NLRB? Has congress not understood how much money in real dollars the CFP agency has returned to the average person? Remember the battles over bank fees and overdraft protection charges? Remember the robocalling and the MERS electronic registry system and the mortgage foreclosure frauds? When are we, the ordinary people, going to be able to have our government work for us without having to constantly fight and fight so very hard for it? Does everyone realize that we have been operating under the cloud of Reaganomics for 35 years now and it has dealt such a blow to our middle class that we cannot breathe without worrying how much it is going to cost us. I get angry when I hear the “experts” say that progressive economic theories and/or democratic socialism don’t work; how do they know we haven’t employed them in over a half a century! However if you look at countries like those in Scandinavia, they enjoy a quotient of happiness and economic security that I envy, because goodness only knows we don’t have that here.

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