Politicians Can’t Pass Actual Laws To Stop Gun Violence, So They Tweet Prayerfully

We don’t need their prayers; we need legislative action, we need solutions, we need courage and we need to examine our obsession with guns and violence. I do not understand why the second amendment is so insanely important to some people. We no longer need militias, we have state and local police, we have a national army. However I do understand that many enjoy hunting, firing guns at gun ranges and those activities should not be interfered with in the least. I am asking for our congress to pass a federal plan of action to deal with the black market for guns, they need to close every single loophole out there involving online gun purchases and gun shows nation wide. Moreover, we need to put more resources into our mental health services, we have neglected our past history in putting mental patients aside because they are inconvenient and too difficult to deal with, it has been wrong and irresponsible. We really need to question ourselves; why do we have such issues with violence and why the rapid escalation to guns and then the deafening silence of death? We owe it to ourselves, seriously owe it to ourselves to do something, fight for a solution so that we no longer have these mass shootings haunt our days. I fear that they are becoming mind and soul numbing and we are losing any sense of shock and outrage. Twitter is not an acceptable recipient of our moral outrage, only when we present ourselves with a suitable solution will we get the closure we deserve. 

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