Arne Duncan Resigns Amid Legacy-Threatening Student Debt Crisis

From everything that I have read about Arne Duncan, he belongs to the “market minded” educational reform movement along with Rahm Emmanuel and Campbell Brown; they believe in charter schools and mass testing as their preferred method of evaluation. I don’t think that charter schools are a bad thing in and of themselves, I just don’t agree with sharing our taxpayer dollars with them. If we want to address our structural liabilities, we should be investing our tax dollars in retrofitting our decaying school buildings, strongly subsidize public school busing and make sure that each and every school district has complete access to text books and other supplies. We need to stop funding our public schools only through property tax, because this has been a surefire way to keep poor people down; they are starting their young lives at a severe disadvantage because you are hard pressed to be focused on school when you are hungry and unsure where you are going to sleep at night. These liabilities tend to follow you through life, even off to high school and college is hard enough to get into never mind pay for, the stresses lived by young people are disproportional to the actual control they have on their own lives. 
Finally I believe that we can bring our higher education financial woes and lay the blame at Ronald Reagan’s feet. After his experiences as governor of California during the 1960’s, he made a judgement call on what purpose higher education should have and in his mind, it shouldn’t be to empower young adults into questioning what the powers that be have in mind for the economy and politically. He thus actively sought to cut federal funds originally dedicated to funding the state’s higher education, thus forcing the states to systematically cut and forcing these same universities to borrow and also increase tuition, fees and room and board prices. Reagan and his followers have put education at every level at the most severe level of crisis we have ever seen. The Republican Party has deliberately undermined our public educational system because they disdain government interference in all aspects of life, well, except for military and women reproductive systems. I don’t know why certain democrats are engaged in sabotaging public education, but I wish they would stop. It isn’t good for education as a whole and definitely not good for our future as a society.

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