The Springfield Bernie Sanders rally


Yesterday I attended the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign rally in Springfield MA with my husband and about 5 or 6000 other enthusiastic Berrnie supporters. He later went on to speak in Boston to an even greater crowd, 25,0000 fervant supporters, I have to say that Saturday was an inspirational day for the residents of Massachusetts.

Bernie Sanders spoke forcefully about the issues he is passionate about; income inequality, healthcare as a right, debt free college, universal pre-k, living wages, jobs brought back to the states and the end of the private prison industrial complex. He also called for the end of institutional and systemic racism which dovetailed nicely with his plans for comphresensive immigration reform and a pathway to citizenship.

I am very excited about the Sanders candidacy because we have a politician who has not wavered from his core moral values which reflect what compassion, respect, open-mindness are all about. He also refuses to accept the status quo, his parting words were essentially “Go big or go home” Instead of buying into the corporate spiel, that investors must be the focus of a successfull economy, think big and support your fellow worker, demand a seat at the table, a living wage, paid family leave and more quality time for quality living. This is a philosophy that I stand with 100%.


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