Friday Talking Points — New Speaker’s Speaking Problem

Kevin McCarthy came under my radar when Eric Cantor infamously lost his seat in the supposed “safe” primary against a local tea party candidate. His loss blew up the leadership obviously, because they were scrambling for replacements, hence Kevin McCarthy. I remember reading in many places that he was the best choice when it came to reaching across the aisle, but there was nary a word about his unique gift with words. When I read his transcripts, I was convinced that it had to be some sort of parody because how can someone be elected and then re-elected speaking this poorly? It is the essence of irony that the perhaps future Speaker has such a challenge with the spoken word and to think he would be third in line for the Presidency. Well as long as he reads speeches well, I suppose that would be helpful. However if one cannot assemble a proper sentence, the person’s mind must not be very well organized and I find it hard to believe that the Republican Party is comfortable with someone like Kevin McCarthy being on the front lines of the party as well as its mouth piece. What makes our present day political environment even ore depressing is exactly what was stated in the article; not only are the members of the Republican Party becoming more and more extreme, they are excited over the prospect of shutting down our government at the drop of a hat. It is the height of irresponsibility and calculated misanthropic behavior to act like this when you are an elected servant of the people. If you despise government to this extent don’t run, you are not representing the majority of Americans. No matter how much, many of us disagree with certain policies, we don’t want our government to stop functioning, it is too expensive, too disruptive and it sabotages the fluidity of its services which are vital too so many. Seriously how selfish and megalomaniac are these tea party Republicans, that they would dare assume that they know better than the average person as to what is good for them and their “soul”. Our Republican Party has descended into a mockery of what used to be a serious political party and we are the worse for it. 
read the article:


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