Elizabeth Warren’s Next Target Is Big Oil

It is so exciting to watch a Senator who works for the American people in action. Elizabeth Warren is a one women army when it comes to shining a light on what lobbyists and their industries consistently try to get over on the American people. Her arguments supporting the oil export ban are as valid today as they were when the export ban was put in place back in the 1970’s. The Republican Party makes no secret that they wholeheartedly believe that the only way to manage an economy is to pander to big business and allow them to exploit labor, the environment and our tax dollars as long as they continue to fill the campaign chests, it is quid pro quo as usual. Elizabeth Warren doen’t shy away from putting all of this out in the open; she uses hearings, talk shows and campaign stops to put lobbyists, corporate executives and other legislators on notice that she will not accept their excuses, their subterfuge, their greed nor their irresponsibility. The oil industry has had it extremely good for a very long time; they should have been prescient about the perils of relying on a finite resource for too long, they should have been expanding into other markets and other sources of energy. The writing has been on the wall since the 1970’s and it shouldn’t become our albatross to bear if the oil industry is caught ill-prepared. We are lucky to have Elizabeth Warren fighting the good fight to make sure we are not going to be on the hook for their bad judgement. I am so proud to have her be my senator.
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