House Republicans Create Special Committee To Harass Planned Parenthood

First, I have to get something off my plate pertaining the the lies that candidate Rick Santorum said when he was on the View just after Cecile Richards had testified in front of congress. He said that Planned Parenthood doesn’t give mammograms, insinuating that the providers at Planned Parenthood play no part in breast cancer screening and prevention. I refute his insinuation and he needs to step back his holier than thou attitude. My gynocologist doesn’t give me my mammogram, he refers me to a facility that does the mammogram and so does Planned Parenthood. They provide the referrels necessary to get the mammogram after they conduct the breats exam any gynocologist, nurse practitioner or primary physician do in any breast cancer screening. However even if they only did the physical breast exam, abortions are still legal and since they do not use federal funds when they provide that service, Planned Parenthood needs to be left alone. Men and women use the services at Planned Parenthood nationwide and I have to say that as a woman, I am sick and tired of having to defend an organization that does right by so many women and men in or country. Moreover, instead of wasting our time and taxpayer dollars creating this witch hunt type of committee to harass Planned Parenthood, they should be doing their due diligence to find ways to negotiate and work with the democrats in creating a comprehensive budget that puts aside the ridiculous sequestration cuts and gets back to the business of managing America. They should put aside childish things and sign off on the debt ceiling without making the government shut down or holding any programs vital to the less fortunate prisoner, in order to get their way. I realize that I am asking a lot, but they were elected to serve us, we should be within our rights to demand that they do what they swore to do upon entering office.
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