Congress Passed A Bill To Change Obamacare. What Happened Next Will Amaze You.

Congress now has no excuse but to continue down this trajectory; they worked in conjuntion to achieve a specific goal; make an existing law better, there should be no going back to sabotage and obstructionism. It is the height of irony that they came together to fix something within the Affordable Care act to make it less onerous for small businesses. I am very happy with this outcome and I wish we could all come together and find a way to reward our congressional members for their good behavior. Sad I know, but after all these years of Republican opposition this is a good sign, some responsible legislation being written, voted on and signed into law, this is what governance looks like and we need to remind them that we won’t forget and this is what we expect from them. For all of the over the top recriminations against the Affordable Care Act, not a single doomsday prophesy uttered by the right wing has come to pass, so in my mind instead of stubbornly trying to repeal this law, the Republican Party has a fundamental duty to do everything in their power to work with the democrats and make it the best law possible for the American people. However, having said that, I do share with Senator Sanders, the hope that eventually we will move on to a single payer system, thereby insuring every single person in the United States and in so doing reducing our economic costs by a great deal. We still pay far too much for what we get in terms of health care results. We could be negotiating far better economic terms and medical outcomes with the full power of numbers on our side as European nations do for their consitutents when dealing with the pharmaceutical companies and hospitals. I am not sure who decided that this isn’t the American way because if it works elsewhere with better outcomes then why wouldn’t we want to do it? Is it the American way to keep doing things that aren’t in our best interest? Wait don’t answer that, looking back on our history, this could be a trick question.
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