How the Elizabeth Warren Wing Shifted Tuesday’s Democratic Debate (Video)

We need to remember that these goals aren’t some vague fantasy set in the near future; these goals had been lived and experienced decades ago, it was part and parcel of the American Dream up until the time the 1% set about putting policies into place slowly and steadily from the 1970’s onwards, they too had learned their lessons from the devastating Great Depression and the economic hardships of both World Wars, they doggedly stripped away each stepping stone that had lifted up so many so that they could redistribute this nation’s wealth and productivity back up to them. What Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are doing is to remind us of what we had in the past and giving us the fire, the hope and the passion to believe in a people’s revolution to claim, not reclaim because this will be a new Social Contract, the just rewards of our hard work, the opportunity and the possibilities that lie in every person if they are allowed the opportunity to explore those possibilities. The 1% don’t have a market on talent, innovation and creativity, the proof is right in front of us. These huge corporations who spend their cash buying back their stock aren’t growing their brand or product, they are simply being lazy and playing it safe at the same time. Moreover corporations who do nothing but buy up other competitors are void of innovation, creativity and ideas, another example of laziness. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are reminding us that we have just as much right to the brass ring as these wealthy people, we haven’t been included in the loop because the game has been rigged for pretty much an entire generation or even more since we are talking the 1980’s and beyond. We need to not only follow Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren but learn from their example, we need to become politically active, we need to vote, we need to start and sign petitions and we need to alert our congress people that we are engaged, we are aware and we hold them accountable to our will.
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