Hillary, Bernie, and the Banks

I always find Robert Reich’s counsel the essence of common sense, I respect his knowledge and wisdom. I also appreciate the fact that he knows all of the players, yet is able to critique Washington’s policy choices away from the bubble; he manages to reside grounded in reality, not in the imagined ivory tower of academia. I have been reading Robert Reich for years now and I know he supports Bernie Sanders because Bernie has been such a strong advocate for reinstating Glass-Steagal, he has been demanding that the big banks be broken up way before it was fashionable and he has been trying to get some headway into doing away with the Citizen’s United ruling, a blight on our democracy. Robert Reich was Secretary of Labor under former President Clinton so he was there for NAFTA, he witnessed first hand the broken promises and the inadvertent consequences to our devastated labor force. He knows that the TPP and the TPPIP are just going to be more gifts to corporate America with too many negatives for labor and us the consumers. Until Bernie Sanders threw his hat in the ring, I was going to support Hillary Clinton even though I have some reservations with her record; her vote for the Iraq war, her tepid response to many issues dominating our society. We have to wait for so long before she decides to share her position whereas with Bernie Sanders, he has been so vocal and such an activist for so long, you know where he stands so I trust he will fight extremely hard to get the job accomplished. Bernie Sanders will not cease and desist until our democracy is rescued from the yolk of legalized bribery under Citizen’s United, big banks are broken up, the prison system is no longer operating as an industrial complex, anything defined as an industrial complex is bad for society period and I know that Bernie Sanders despises them. His strategy is to draft the American people in his political revolution, something that Hillary Clinton has not thought to do because she doesn’t see a need for revolution which is the stark difference of the two.

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  1. jamesbradfordpate · · Reply

    That is notable that Reich is supporting Sanders, since he is a long-time friend of the Clintons.

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