Obesity and Food Insecurity: A Public Health Paradox

Ms Blumenthal offers some proactive ideas for a complicated problem, these ideas could easily be translated into policy if the political will were there in congress. Unfortunately the Republican Party disagrees with everything about the concept of government, believing that each individual must be charged with the responsibility of pulling oneself up by their bootstraps regardless if their boots have no straps or soles for that matter. They purport to have policy prescriptions to give tools to honest hard working Americans to lift themselves out of poverty, but as we have seen in states like Wisconsin, Scott Walker’s conservative economic policies have not succeeded at all in creating employment, lifting Wisconsin residents out of poverty or making any headway with income growth. Wisconsin sadly languishes in the bottom 45th while its next door neighbor, Minnesota, is doing extremely well with its progressive economic policies instituted by its governor Mark Dayton. Minnesota enjoys a medium income 8000 dollars higher than the national average and they are ranked in the top 5 for business opportunities and employment growth. I believe that we can, as a society, do a lot to get obesity and food insecurity under control. On a federal level, we can require our lawmakers to label not only G.M.O’s but also clear and transparent amounts of sugar in our foods. We can invest in our public school systems nationally, on top of what we fund them with by property taxes, to mitigate the differences in real dollars between communities and on top of that, we should have home economics, gardening and agriculture classes, health and nutrition classes at each grade level to give our children a comprehensive education to prepare them for the real world. If we would subsidize local farms half of what we subsidize big agriculture, we would go a long way towards bringing produce to local communities. We need to include local farming in the school cafeteria and we need to reinvest in cafeteria kitchens, no more outsourcing to processed and prepackaged foods, we need to cook for our children, it would go a long way to healthier and happier children. This is only a few ideas, a book could be written with everything that needs to be done.
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