Boehner’s Golden Opportunity

If Boehner reaches out to Nancy Pelosi to work on the debt ceiling, the highway fund, the budget for the next fiscal year and every other thing that has already been pushed down the road, I am confident that Pelosi can get her caucus to act responsibly and vote to get things done. It is the democratic way, make our government work, unfortunately it has only worked for corporate and wealthy America these past four decades which is why I am voting for Bernie Sanders because he wants our government to go back to work for the American people, the ones who provide all of the labor, the productiviy and the services that grease the wheels of our capitalist engine. I can only imagine that Boehner is thinking of his legacy right now, does he really want to be remembered as the Speaker who retired from a completely dysfunctional House of Representatives without a single item on his record to be proud of; I wouldn’t want that, he couldn’t be satisfied with that scenario either. I hope that Boehner, now that he has freed himself from the shackles of campaigning and politicking, will use his head to use his remaining time wisely and productively. He took an oath to serve the American people, I hope that on his way out, he honors it correctly and honorably. 
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