Reid Responds To McConnell: ‘The Debt Limit Should Not Be Negotiable’

The Republican Party makes me sick to my stomach each and every time they use the United States debt ceiling as a bargaining chip. Our credit is not something to be trifled with, the GOP of the past would have never used such irresponsible tactics such as this to get what they wanted, they would have used reason and logic to negotiate, not saboteur strategies. I don’t believe that this incarnation of the Republican Party deserves the old moniker “Grand Ole Party” they have no interest in governing this country whatsoever, they want to take our government down, one social program at a time until the only things that our government will be responsible for is war, marriage and reproductive services. I may seem a bit dramatic but when you look back at all of the headlines ever since the tea party Republicans came into power, those three issues are all they ever really talk about, oh yes and freedom whatever that means to them. I don’t quite understand their idea of freedom, I see the 99% all around me and I don’t see much freedom; we are all enslaved by debt and I don’t see anyway out of debt unless we start to dismantle the corporate state which insidiously grew right before our very eyes forty years ago, we were too busy fighting for our jobs to really notice its gradual takeover. I have written this before, but it bears repeating, I blame Ronald Reagan for most of this, his silver tongue swayed the masses into blindly following his vision and look where we are now. He made it okay to dismantle unions, he took a battle axe to our entire educational system, he made government the enemy and he spent and spent his way into leaving us with a tremendous deficit, the irony is so painful because we the taxpayer wound up paying the price. We cannot trust this Republican Party with the White House or any type of leadership at all.
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