Democrats Debate: Right or Wrong, But Not Crazy

Perhaps we should be really concerned at the immense gulf of credibility, responsibility, seriousness, intellect and sanity that separates the Democratic Party from the Republican Party. Perhaps we need to rethink how we elect our politicians and expand our two party system because as last night indicated; we had to wait until the second week of October before we heard constructive conversations over issues that are of vital importance to our nation. The first two Republican Party debates were spectacles of racism, misogyny and war mongering, nothing was said that advanced any hope of responsible governance for the future. I look forward to the next Democratic debate, not that I need any convincing over my preference, I am voting for Bernie Sanders. I do find it odd that most pundits and news organizations are calling the debate for Hillary whereas online polls, viewers and social media outlets called it for Bernie Sanders and his political contributions, new twitter followers and Facebook shares were all higher than Hillary’s, so I am unsure as to why the professional political media keeps crowning Hillary the winner, when there is serious evidence showing Bernie as the winner. I am excited about Bernie Sander’s campaign and I hope he will be the nominee because I want him to be our President in 2016.  
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