Hillary Clinton: Women Can’t Push To Be Paid Equally If They Don’t Know They’re Not Paid Equally

Until we, as a society, accept that work in any form has more than just monetary value, and that discrimination is a surefire way of weakening our bonds of society, we will never be the best nation we can be, we will be only as strong as our weakest denizens. There is no reason in the world that women should be paid less than men, the difference in pay only reflects the employer’s bias, that in some archaic way of thinking, men do better work, are more committed or have better capabilities in whichever job capacities they are being evaluated. Women historically have been valiant, courageous, nurturing and dedicated in every situation under the sun and it has taken far too long for the other half of the human race to recognize that women deserve the right to vote, the right to enter into whatever profession they desire and the right to be paid equally. What makes me laugh whenever the conservative right makes such a huge issue over the sanctity of the union between man and women is that they conveniently forget that marriage historically was a property contract, where the woman was more or less considered her husband’s property in addition to whatever she brought into the marriage. Whoever thinks that pay inequality is a non-issue or isn’t setting the tone for the rest of the campaign, regardless of who is nominated, they are sorely mistaken. The 1963 Equal Pay for Equal Work will be implemented in its original spirit at long last; it has to happen, women have been waiting for far too long to overcome this hurtle, one of the last in our fight of equality.
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