The Strategy for Change: Sanders v. Clinton

I believe in Bernie Sanders, he has tapped into something very powerful and organic as evidenced by the massive turnouts at all of his political rallies. There aren’t any other candidates that can make the same claim. Moreover, he has come up with 26 million in the third quarter, very close to Hillary’s numbers, the 26 million are all from your ordinary citizens so that is a lot of support, especially from the people who have the hardest time in this economy. I love the fact that the worst pharmaceutical broker in the world, who raised the price of a life saving medicine an immoral amount, gave the most allowed, $2700, and Bernie refused it, instead he donated it to an HIV/AIDS clinic. You cannot say that Bernie Sanders, as a politician, is running an ordinary campaign. He is I think, opening up the road for a campaign that is all about the people and he wants the people to stay with his campaign long after the primaries and the general election. He doesn’t want the same thing that happened to President Obama’s grassroots, that is, once President Obama was elected, everyone went home. Bernie wants us to stick around and make ourselves continuously heard, we need to actively demand that congress vote according to our will, not to Wall Street’s will. The writing is on the wall, the Republican Party has been bought and paid for, if we want any movement, we need grassroots organizations to start operating post haste in preparing for the next census and work towards turning the gerrymandering situation around, so that districts can accurately reflect a workable balance. Something has to give because forty years is both a long time and a short time in the sense that our American Dream has been shown to be a myth, instead of the possibility people sometimes risked their lives to attain; in only four decades time, Reagan ushered in a economic theory so detrimental to the overall vitality of our economy that it eroded not only our middle class, but our manufacturing base, our schools, our infrastructure and even our national health situation. Basically what I grew up knowing is not what my children are experiencing, in terms of affordable health care and education just as examples. We have to do something for the future generations, we need to be better than the boomer generation, who are the real slackers in my opinion given what they allowed to happen, what with climate change and income inequality, issues that we should have dealt with long ago.

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