Bernie Sanders Explains How Taxing The Rich Will Pay For His Policies

First of all, we need a financial transaction tax, if only to stave off more of the incessant, irresponsible trading that Wall Street engages in at a reckless pace each and every day. Wall Street insists upon monetizing everything and it will be to our downfall since we are not yet sufficiently recovered to save Wall Street from themselves the next time they mess up. The least that we can do is listen to Bernie Sanders and support his bid to get Wall Street and corporate America to recommit to their part of the social contract. They have reneged on their responsibilities for far too long, we the 99% are ill-equiped to shoulder all of the economic responsibilities to keep this nation up and running. Prior to the last twenty years, corporate America contributed at least 30% of the tax base that was used to maintain our infrastructure and our schools and ever since corporate America, the wealthy and their lobbyists decided that they were not going to take part in contributing to our society, they decided that their fiscal responsibilities were only to their investors and themselves; they manipulated lawmakers into rewriting tax code to redistribute income and productivity upwards and thus sowed the seeds for the income inequality of today. I applaud Bernie Sanders and his crusade to dismantle our current plutocracy, if we want our American experiment in democracy to continue, we need to join him in the fight, It’s not only his fight, but our fight as well.
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