Bernie Sanders Supports Keeping Troops In Afghanistan

I disagree with President Obama, Bernie, and Hillary on this one. I realize that Bernie Sanders voted to give Bush the authorization to go into Afghanistan, I can almost understand the knee jerk reaction after 9/11 but today? There are books, serious military books that detail in great length the reasons why Afghanistan has been a disaster for every nation who has tried to assert its control over it, from Alexander the Great right up to the Soviets, did we listen,no. Why do we want to remain in the quagmire, the favorite buzz word of the moment, I don’t see any good come out of it. Our very presence seems to make the Taliban more extreme and more vicious. I can understand every single time Bernie Sanders voted yes to appropriations to our troops, he might disagree with a military action, but even if he lost on that vote, he would never vote down anything that might put our troops in harm’s way, such as not having the proper equipment or armament. We have made very poor decisions during the long war, why President Obama is making this decision another one to join the long list, is something I don’t understand. Why is Bernie joining in the bad decision making? What do they know that they are not sharing with us? This is strange turnabout after all these years of stating that ending long wars was such a priority, I only wish that the defense contractors weren’t the only winners of the otherwise lose/lose situation.
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