Ferguson Considers Settling Suit Over ‘Debtors Prison’ Abuses

The rest of America and their cities need to stand up and pay attention to what has gone down in Ferguson in the past and the difference that is being done now. Debtor’s prison is nothing to stand by and ignore, I truly thought that debtor’s prison was a relic of the past, relegated to Victorian novels a la Charles Dickens, but if you watched John Oliver’s show on HBO, he did an excellent analysis of our current form of debtor’s prison, where with the bail system as we know it, serves as a forced prison sentence for the poor. We are really growing our already burgeoning prison population, this time not through our war on drugs, but our war on poverty. We are now engaging in a war on poverty, how many municipalities have laws on the books making it illegal to be homeless, throwing them in prison, we have an obligation to ourselves to demand our mayors, our city councils to be more proactive about the homeless population. There are some wonderful examples of cities doing great work such as those in Utah, you can find out more about it through the website Nationswell.com. Utah is set to have resolved its homeless issue by the end of this year. I have read that Wyoming is about to take the example from Utah, realizing that housing the homeless, giving them a foundation and a hand up, is more cost effective than depriving people of their innate dignity. We need to throw debtor’s prison back to where it belongs, in the annals of history, we should be more evolved than that. If we are determined to look to the past, we should take example from Jean Jacques Rousseau or listen to Eleanor Roosevelt’s speech to congress when she outlined the Economic Bill of Rights, proclamations to the universal rights each and every person is born to and must be allowed to experience and share with each other. We can do it, we have it in ourselves to be the vehicle of advocacy and change.
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