Boehner Says He Can’t See A Clean Debt Ceiling Deal Passing

Boehner, if he cares at all for his legacy, should not be catering to the 40 or so irresponsible lawmakers in his caucus. He has been in office long enough to fully understand that the debt ceiling limit is sacrosanct and treating it as lightly as his party has been doing ever since President Obama was elected is the height of bad faith, bad politics and dangerous precedent. We used to have a Republican Party who believed in governance, who practiced patriotism on a daily basis by showing up at work to negotiate and debate with their colleagues, both in the house and the senate, to write laws meant to lead our nation ahead. Since 2008, we have had a party not only determined not to govern, but to sabotage and bring our government down around our ears. I am not quite sure how the democrats and President Obama did it, but we have been adding jobs to the economy despite the Republican Party, can you imagine how much better we could be if the Republican Party had even tried to help just a little? There have been so many bills left languishing on the house of representative’s floor, presented by I don’t know how many democrats, designed to bring manufacturing back to our country, but the Republican Party wasn’t interested. There have been bills aimed at working families but those have been shunted off to the side. If the bill wasn’t about a tax cut, eliminating abortion or repealing the Affordable Care Act, the Republican Party would not even look at it. We are not in for an easy ride these next two months, there are many important issues that need to be resolved and I am not sure how we are supposed to do that when the Republican Party is not interested in governance.

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