The Life and Death of an Amazon Warehouse Temp

It scares me just how much corporations have retreated from any social responsibility for our society, their employees and their country. I used the word “scared” because I don’t know how we get corporations back to a place of caring and investing in these very important things. Capital and investors have triumphed over labor and the public commons; they safely use overseas tax havens without repercussions, temp agencies are bigger than ever, self-employed contractors are legion in many industries. The Republican Party loves the word freedom, but so many of their policies have resulted in the loss of economic freedom for mostly blue collar workers and now it has swept into the upper echelons of white collar workers as well. I am of the age that many white collar workers dread, the 45 to 55 range where you have decades of experience, top of your game, thousands of contacts and with all that comes a hefty payroll cost and therein lies the stress and the anxiety. You know that your bosses are trying to find that young buck to waltz in and replace you for a fraction of what you are worth, corporate America knows nothing of loyalty. Corporate America is all about the throw away, once you have performed your duty, once you outlive your usefullness, you are discarded. That is why I believe, just like Teddy Roosevelt believed, that corporate America needs to be put on a short leash, to insure that they do not abuse our consumers, our labor and our markets because they will, greed and profits will do that to people. We need unions to reemerge, we need to keep the NLRB to stay predominantly democratic and we need to stop right to work legislation, it does more harm than good. Moreover we need to reward stakeholder enterprises as well as those who classify as B corporations, those corporations who place value on their employees, the environment and social issues. The answers are out there, we just have to find them and tell our lawmakers to legislate them into law.
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