Benghazi Committee Fights Among Itself As Hillary Clinton Enjoys The Show

After reading several times, posts on FaceBook calling for a refund from the Republican Party, I am in complete agreement, the Republican Party should go into their war chest and reimburse the American people for such an irresponsible waste of money and of time. Speaking of time, the Republican Party owes the American people a lot of time for this absolute embarrassing misuse of resources and hot air; instead of taking their lengthy vacations, they need to stay in D.C and work on doing something positive and constructive for the American people, to make up for trying to make political hay out of this tragedy. As I was watching, what came to mind was how much lecturing, baiting, disrespecting, and badgering was thrown at Hillary Clinton, to her credit, she handled herself with grace and aplomb. I have to hand it to her, I would have snapped probably during hour three and she has been going at it for 11, goodness bless her. You can smell the blood through the t.v, the Republican Party is churning around her and they are getting more and more frantic as they aren’t getting their desired goal. Mr. Gowdy keeps harping on the fact that Hillary Clinton is surrounded by really, really good attorneys, as if that is a crime, he also doesn’t like her friendship with Mister Blumenthal, he doesn’t like the fact that Hillary Clinton told the public she turned over everything. He doesn’t like anything about Hillary Clinton. I cannot take this committee seriously because this is one committee too many, drummed up only for the purpose of torpedoing Hillary’s presidential campaign. Each Republican member behaved ignominiously, whereas congressman Elijah Cummings was the voice of reason and logic, thank goodness for him. My thought to all of this is that everything has been already been asked and answered, and the Republican Party has, in my mind, been found in contempt. 
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