GOP Lawmakers Want To Make Gun Silencers Cheaper, Easier To Buy

May this bill die a quick and silent death in committee, silencers have no busines being easily obtainable, if your ears hurt wear ear plugs. I have signed so many petitions asking President Obama to do something about gun regulation through executive order, because perhaps in doing so, that would force the congress to come together and write some effective legislation aimed at affording the public some long lasting protection against rogue guns and ammunition; it is a known fact that we have a serious problem with the gun black market crossing state lines, loopholes regarding gun shows and internet sales. I realize that second amendment activists would say that most of the mass shooters obtained their guns through legal channels, but if we had strict laws regarding gun safes, wait times, ammunition limits, regulations that are common sense to anyone who hadn’t an obsession with guns, things may start to change for the better. I know this comment may illicit negative feedback, but I believe that our public’s right to life, safe from gun violence trumps any person’s right to a weapon. Toddlers are shooting each other, their own parents and themselves for goodness sakes, we have a problem and we have to address it aggressively. I would even go as far as to say that we are in need of an intervention, our gun addiction is out of control and the statistics prove it.
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