House, Congress Close In On Budget Deal

What would be smart politics across the board would be to throw out the sequestration cuts as the framework of any budget going forward. We need to rebuild our economy because if you haven’t noticed, our roads are in horrendous shape, our bridges need reinforcement and our tunnels need upgrades. Our congress should get together and invest in our infrastructure; we aren’t asking them to invest their own money, we should be demanding them to invest our hard earned money into our nation, instead of allowing them to give over to the wealthy and corporate America’s desire to push for more tax cuts. I’m not sure that enough people understand that the brunt of the tax burden has come down onto the shoulders of the working class, because corporate America and by that, I mean companies like Apple and General Electric, exploit every single tax loophole so that they pay little to nothing in federal taxes. In the olden days we counted at least 30% of tax revenue to come from corporate coffers; unfortunately since the late 1970’s, companies have been paying less and less each year. We should not be looking to squeeze the elderly, the poor, the disabled, the veterans or the working class to fund our government in its entirety; we need our tax code to become more progressive, not less and if we are really interested in expanding our collective wealth instead of growing our income divide, we need to intelligently mitigate the effects of wealth inequality by raising the estate tax, increasing the capital gains tax rate, increase the carried interest tax rate. These rate increases will not make our wealthy families poor, not by a long shot, instead we could use the much needed revenue to give our future generations the tools needed to be successful in the world by adopting free public university, universal pre-school, free child care and expanded breakfast and lunches for all in need. We could also expand Social Security and keep the pact made by that program, keeping those who paid into Social Security out of poverty. Our society should be what we make of it. I don’t think that we meant for our middle class to disappear like this, slowly and torturously, being drained of economic security from both ends, child care and elderly care. A nation can only be as strong as its weakest population and if we look at our poorest and their circumstance, how strong can we be as nation?
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