Jason Chaffetz Moves To Impeach IRS Chief

Where does Chaffetz gets his facts because the I.R.S wasn’t just singling out conservative 501(c)(4) groups, many liberal 501(c)(4) groups were targeted as well in the interest to insure that they were on the up and up. If anyone remembers our civic lesson provided by Stephen Colbert with the help of Trevor Potter, former chairman of the Federal Election Commission, none of the 501(c)(4) had to register with the I.R.S in the first place, they were registering for no reason. However, if a 501(c)(4) does register with them, the I.R.S is then within their purview to investigate them and they would only have been at fault if they had made a concerted effort to target only a specific political party affiliation, which obviously was not the case. It seems that once again Chaffetz and his colleagues are going to spend much more of our revenue to go tilting at windmills. Haven’t they learned their lesson about impeachment? Just because you do not like the outcome does not mean you can automatically impeach the person you hold responsible for said outcome. I do suppose that we shouldn’t be surprised that the Republican Party is leading the charge against the I.R.S, they do despise taxes and they have been depriving the I.R.S of funds and personnel to their jobs, so why not use impeachment as another tool to throw another government agency into disarray. The Republican Party is quite methodical when they want to render our government as ineffectual and dysfunctional as possible, it does serve their long term purpose, making people lose their faith in the capabilities of our government.

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