Democrats And Republicans Are More Similar Than You Think

There is the non-for-profit group called No Labels, started by Joe Lieberman and Jon Huntsman, their mission statement speaks to this belief, that once you eliminate the labels, people are more often in agreement than not. I like the idea of no labels, but I am leery of Jon Lieberman and Jon Huntsman, though I may not like the two head honchos, I can give the concept a chance. I think that once we dig beneath the superficiality of political affiliation, everyone would like universal health care insurance, universal pre-school and infrastructure investment. Remember when the tea party Republicans were marching and protesting against “Obamacare” with signs stating “Hands off my Medicare”. If that isn’t evidence that Medicare works for the elderly, regardless of political party, then I don’t know what else would be able to convince as effectively. Social Security for those who find it necessary to be able to live outside of poverty see the program as it was designed to do, a lifeline to living out retirement with some measure of dignity. I can’t imagine any family, besides those who are determined to home school, denying their child the opportunity to attend preschool for a few hours a day. Moreover, show me someone who would refuse refurbished and/or retrofitted public buildings, bridges and highways or even city streets. These important issues are all in the public arena and revenue is needed for all of them; now of course, the private sector can handle each problem, but with the private sector comes exclusion, filters and division. In effect as long as the private sector is involved, inequalities grow and societal instability grows as well. It is when we grow our society from the bottom up that we can build a stronger, more cohesive social fabric able to withstand any challenge that arises such as economic recessions or natural disasters. Political affiliations are more often to do with emotional responses to sometimes overwhelming problems, once the problem is broken down into manageable pieces, people most often can find agreement across party lines to find common sense solutions. I think if we took a breath, took away the unnecessary complications that lawyers and certain politicians like to inject into problems, we could find easier ways to deal with our challenges.
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