Why Jeb Bush Shouldn’t Have Mocked The French Work Week

Stop making fun of the French you conservative economic policy challenged republicans! I tuned in and out of the debate last night, apparently I didn’t miss much because each time I tuned back in, I heard the same things from different candidates, too many regulations, too much federal government interference, Bernie Sanders is crazy, socialism is evil and flat tax will save our economy and grow our revenue base. No one had anything to say about quality of life, retirement, health care policies, paid sick leave, maternal leave or paternal leave, nothing related to the life of the new class of worker, basically a self contracted worker. We can partially thank the Republican Party for this new situation, they have gone after unions in the private sector so successfully, that there is nothing left to shield workers from being held over the barrel by management, workers have no power and in a laissez-faire capitalist economy such as ours, workers will lose each and every time against the corporation. The conservative republican mindset is bent on thinking that by lowering the tax rate, they are enabling people to decide what to do with their own money, that they have the “freedom” to spend their own money and they will be the richer for it. They have put the same spin on their “Right to Work” plans, they have spun it as a freedom to work for whatever wage you can get, meaning that you are bartering your labor away at a handicap because you don’t have the numbers, thus you don’t have the strength at the bargaining table, you have become expendable.  It was during the 1970’s that the perfect storm happened, when the Republican Party paid heed to the Powell memo, calling for them to invest in conservative think tanks, corporations persuaded congress to tweak the tax code, relax regulations, engage in free trade and there is when you start to see job outsourcing, manufacturing dry up domestically and the loss of many unions, seeing their factories shuttered and hundreds of cities and towns becoming lost without any income base. The Republican Party also made sure to recruit and foster candidates throughout the local legislatures, growing solid republican bases throughout the nation, influencing policy from the ground up in many places. Frankly we haven’t had any progressive policy laboratories, so no one really understands how well they could work for the people. If we look to Medicare for example, look at how successful it is with the elderly, imagine it expanded; if we had Medicare for All, we wouldn’t have these crazy high deductibles of 2000, 3000 or 4000 per family on top of the copays and the lab costs, the prescriptions costs. Most everything we experience in society has come from a rightwing think tank because for some reason the Democratic Party is scared to embrace the progressive side. Until Bernie Sanders that is, he is generating excitement and energy, we should harness it and ride the wave with Bernie Sanders and get him to the White House 2016.

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