Please, White House, Call It Combat in Iraq and Syria

I don’t want our troops to be involved in any further escalation and I bet many others feel the same way. If we would address the root causes of the Syrian civil war as well as the other Arab uprisings then perhaps we could engage in more diplomatic methods such as what is currently being attempted by Europe. What has been missing from many news reports is that drought and poverty played tremendous roles in the outbreak of Syria’s civil war as well as in the region’s various uprisings. Our government has played a very narrow game in that region for decades, justified in our quest for domination in oil foreign policy, we have engaged in many questionable tactics such as the 1954 overthrow of Iran’s president or funding dictator after dictator in countries such as Libya and Iraq. We then turn around and wonder stupidly why the Middle Eastern people have had it with poverty, oppression and climate change making their lives even more difficult. Moreover, we need to re-evaluate our strategy with Israel, if they don’t cease and desist with their illegal settlements, displacing more and more Palestinians, we are never going to find a peaceful resolution to the Middle East situation. I really believe that putting more troops in the region will simply put more fuel to the fire. We need to proactively seek answers through diplomatic channels, enough of war. Peace is a more sustainable, responsible and economically sound way of conducting foreign policy than just killing, looting, blowing up and destroying cultures. We need to also come together to fight the debilitating effects of climate change because if we don’t, wars are just going to increase in intensity and frequency. We owe it to ourselves, our future generations and the planet if nothing else since we only have the one.
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