Obama Faces Two Unappealing Choices On Gitmo

Our prison at Guantanamo Bay should be closed, it is linked to torturous and illegal proceedings that defy our most celebrated raison d’être, our rule of law. It is our rule of law that gives us the moral capacity to see ourselves as one of the good guys and with our sketchy foreign policy choices during certain decades, we need to at least be able to stand by our commitment as a nation founded on the concept and the precepts of laws, to adhere to those same rules of law that we entrust our lawmakers to write. However, having said that, we also need to have the wisdom to differentiate between good law and bad law. I believe that curtailing our President in his decision to finally close Guantanamo Bay is bad lawmaking on many levels, at the very least, it makes our standing in the world more precarious, because how can we stand before the world with a straight face while we house prisoners indefinitely without legal merit? Already it is a tragedy that we imprison the greatest percentage in the world of our own citizens, most of them minorities, all because of our failed War on Drugs and ever since we launched our War on Terror, we have abused our foundational rights to many freedoms and privacy. When will this all end? We have allowed so much more than the lives of over 3000 innocents to be taken from us, we have allowed our privacy, our freedom and our moral high ground as to the importance of legality, rights and innocence until proven otherwise to be set aside, all in the name of national security. We are being led by terror, not by reason, and I find it distasteful and depressing, we should be better than this. We should lead by example, not just by force and defensive measures, we should show the world that we have intestinal fortitude and moral courage, not the shrill and bombastic verbal threats of military might that our Republican Party is currently spewing, they do it so often it loses its meaning and thereby its effectiveness. I want us to be able to stand with our heads held high. 
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